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I. Game console repair(s): Find out information about our Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 repairs service. Services include the Yellow light of death fix, YLOD & Red light of deat, RLOD fix. Along with xbox rings of death fix.

II. Service Rate(s): Find out discounts on computer, laptops, mac, macbook and mackbook pro service and repairs.

III. Mac & Pc download(s); Here you will find downloads that you mac or pc might need. They are all 100% virus free, and life-time usage. So you do not have to worry about the programs expiring. Programs such as adobe flash player, quicktime, itunes, ccleaner etc. all can be found on this page.

IV. Contact us: Basically you can either call us, send us an email or chat with us live. Dont be shy as we say, pick up the phone and call us.

V. Support: On this page, we have most of our research on here. We simply share our research with the public. Research such as how to make your PC or mac experience faster and more time efficient.

V. continuation ...For example it takes 45minutes to install win7 on a machine. Installing win7 from a USB flash drive, it takes 15minutes. Saving you time, agravation and time to do other things while time is saved.

VI. LINK(s) : Here we have some importan links as where to find process servers and constable services.

VI. Laptop refurbished parts: On this page you can find parts to your latpop, it also helpes technicians find what they are looking for if they need a part to their broken laptop(s).

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